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January 25, 2022 3:18 pm

Pine Harbour Boat Painters


Combine expertise and character and you have a strong team that achieves great results. Starting in 2014 with a staff of just 3, Warwick and Nathan have rapidly built the business to the stage where it now employs 12 experienced boat painters able to service clients not just at Pine Harbour, but right across Auckland and beyond. The team includes apprentices, and boat painters with extensive experience at working on big commercial ships. The result is a highly skilled team from backgrounds that include commercial boat painting, cabinets and kitchens, and all aspect of the marine industry. Pine Harbour Boat Painters has also established vital business relationships with other marine businesses based at Pine Harbour, in particular Harkin Boat Building Ltd. It also has an important relationship with Napier-based Dickey Boats, providing new-build painting for that company’s premier range of “sportfisher” aluminium hulled launches.

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190 Jack Lachlan Drive Auckland 2147, New Zealand

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