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January 25, 2022 3:01 pm

Orvis Knot

Strong, small, light & reliable knot to attach a hook to a line.

Uses: The Orvis Knot was invented by Larry Becker who submitted it in a contest held by the Orvis Company to find the best knot to attach a line to the hook.

Similar Knots: The Orvis Knot performs a similar function as other line-to-hook knots such as the Trilene, Palomar, Uni (Duncan), and Improved Clinch Knots.

Tying it: It is helpful to picture a symmetrical stepladder pattern. Until the final extra twist through the same loop, each step is like the one before.

Advantages: The Orvis Knot is strong, small, light, reliable, and easily to remember and tie. It also works well in light and heavy lines and in any tippet material.

Disadvantages: As it is being tightened, the Orvis knot tends to set up at an angle.

Breaking Strain: The Orvis Knot is claimed to retain much of the line’s original breaking strain.