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January 25, 2022 2:13 pm

How to Catch Trevally

Trevally are our other top light tackle sportfish. They are found consistently around the North Island and at the top of the South Island. Trevally will be found throughout different water levels from shallow bays right through to great surface schools that are feeding on krill. They are more predominant in the summer and warm water environments. This top eating fish has an average size that will range from 2-4kg and they will put up a powerful fight on lighter gear. Another great target on salt-water fly. Trevally have a very soft mouth and are often lost if too much pressure is put on the fish during the fight or when attempting to lift them into a boat on onto the shore by handling them with the trace. Use a net.  Trevally make great sashimi due to their high oil content  – iki, bleed and put into an ice slurry. When filleting, remove any red flesh along the blood line.

Knots and Rigs for Trevally

The best rig for trevally is often a small hook attached to a short length (~1m) of 30lb leader and a small cube of bait. Float this down the berley trail. Trevelly are often caught on the strayline (Kiwi) and dropper rigs when targeting other species. Jigs and Softbaits are also effective on trevally.

Best Baits

The best baits for trevally are small cubes of pilchard, skipjack or any other common baitfish. If trevally are schooling on the surface and feeding on krill they may take a small trolled lure, jig or softbait cast into the school.

Best Spots

Trevally are usually found around reef and low broken foul areas.

Best Times

You’ll catch trevally all year round but Spring through to Autumn are the best months.

Full Article: https://www.fishing.net.nz/how-to-catch/how-to-catch-trevally/

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