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January 25, 2022 3:28 pm

FG Knot

Securely joins braided line to leader

Names: This Knot is also known as the GT for its value in catching the Giant Trevally – a large tropical apex-predator that usually feeds on fish but occasionally on birds as shown in this Animal Kingdom video. Another name is the Sebile Knot after the Frenchman Patrick Sébile who supposedly introduced the knot. A telephone call to the company confirmed this, but the Sebile Company Website makes no reference to it and “FG” and “GT” are in widespread use in North America. The FG name, has various explanations including Fine Grip, Freaking Good, and a possible originator Fred Goldman, but that would be in conflict with Patrick Sébile’s claim.

Use: This knot is valued for its strength and its ability to run freely through the guides. Although somewhat complicated to learn it has many enthusiastic followers. We have received more requests for this knot than any other. With practice it can be tied quickly and reliably.

Tying it: Detail is critical. Tension on the braided line may be applied in various ways – between pole and foot, finger and thumb, or hand and mouth. Whatever method is used, the line must be kept tight. As the Leader is being wrapped the turns may spread out. After every five or six pairs of wraps the stack should be compressed. The eventual strength of the FG depends on the final strong pull at the end because this stretches the last six to ten wraps and tightens the Chinese Finger Grip.

Finishing Options: Some writers tie all the Half Hitches rotating in the same direction. Others alternate – as is shown in the Animation here. In addition, there is wide variation in the number of half hitches tied first around both lines and then around just the braided line. The Finish can be a Triple Half Hitch or a couple of Double Half Hitches or a long chain of single Half Hitches.