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January 25, 2022 3:30 pm

Egg Loop Knot

Attaches hook to leader and provides a hold for bait.

Names: The Egg Loop Knot is also sometimes known as the Bumper Knot. It is a modification of the Snell knot in that turns are wrapped prior to the end being passed through the eye for the second time.

Uses: The the loop in Egg Loop knot provides a hold for the bait and is commonly used when fishing for salmon and steelhead trout. Fish eggs, shrimp, and fish roe make excellent bait.

Tying the Egg Loop Knot: Keep all the turns tight and avoid overlaps: develop a hold on the hook and line so that you can keep control of the turns. The first turn is usually the most awkward. However, the wraps using the loop can easily result in twists that can complicate the final pull to complete the Egg Loop Knot (frame 16).