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January 25, 2022 3:35 pm

Boating Education


Aim: To gain detailed boating knowledge.

Duration: 30 hours followed by a written and oral assessment.

Qualification: NZ Boatmaster Certificate,

Unit Standard is currently being revised.

Anticipated completion end September 2020.

Coastguard Boating Education is currently revising its assessment materials for US 26451. Students enrolled after 18th December 2019 will not be eligible for the unit standard with the existing assessment. This does not mean you cannot gain the unit standard. If you wish the unit standard please email info@boatingeducation.org.nz and when the new assessment is complete we will provide access to our online assessment portal. You can complete the assessment at no extra charge. We apologise for the delay – the unit standard may still be gained however it may not be available until the end of 2020.


The Boatmaster course is a comprehensive course for boaties with current knowledge and experience.

It applies to a wide range of vessels including yachts, launches, and powerboats.  As part of the pathway of Coastguard Boating Education courses, the material extends your knowledge in – chartwork, navigation techniques, distress signals, emergency procedures, knots, rope work, and provides a thorough understanding of the rules of the road at sea.

This course is a component of the New Zealand Certificate in Domestic Maritime Operations (Restricted Limits) (Level 4)

There are 3 ways you can take this course: Classroom Study, Home Study or Virtual Study taught via Zoom. Book Now >>>

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Coastguard New Zealand

Coastguard New Zealand

Coastguard New Zealand is the charity saving lives at sea.

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