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March 1, 2021 8:40 pm

8 spots around New Zealand to go fishing and boating!

Image of New Zealand Coastline

Looking at boats for sale and needing some inspiration to buy one and get out on the water? Or, have you got one and just itching to go on a trip? 

Read on to find some sunny spots to explore around our beautiful Kiwi Coastlines.

Poor Knights

Poor Knights is one of the most beautiful and renowned diving, snorkelling, and swimming spots! This marine reserve is located on the east coast of Northland about 20kms offshore, and contains a few well-known islands, such as Sugarloaf Rock and High Peak Rocks (Pinnacles). These islands provide a glimpse into the life of New Zealand before people lived here, with sponge gardens, fish, shellfish, and black coral. 

New Zealand Poor Knights






Source: NewZealand.com

Great Mercury Island

Often called the Island of Daydreams, Great Mercury Island looks fresh out of the South Pacific if it weren’t for the pohutakawa’s. Just off the coast of Whitianga, Matarangi, or Qhangapoua, these white, sandy beaches are excellent for swimming or diving. There is excellent Snapper around the Mercury Islands, giving you plenty of opportunities to snorkel, dive, and fish. 

Sea Great Mercury Island






Source: Twoatsea


Waewaetorea Island

The Bay of Islands is an amazing spot for just about anything boat or marine-related, but our pick for this article is the Waewaetorea Island for everything hiking, watersports, history, or culture related. The white sandy beaches are enough to stay put and sunbathe all day, but if you’re in the mood for some exploring, roam around the island and see where you can catch some fresh fish. You can dive down and explore the seabed if you’re in the mood to roam a little below the surface.





Source: Bay-of-islands.co.nz


Milford Sounds

Boating in Fiordland really is a dream come true, with over ten marine reserves. The Milford Sound itself is one of them! You can do incredible dives here, exploring the underwater world, and see the beautiful blue cod in that area. However, the Milford Sound poses a big problem: fuel. Make sure you’re stocked up on enough to keep you going, no matter the weather. There is also no wharf to tie up your boat, so check you’re committed before embarking on this journey. 





Source: Southern Discoveries


Kawau Island

Hauraki Gulf boasts many great island spots, but nestled perfectly here is Kawau Island – an off the beaten track dream. It’s still home to the great amenities and services, for kayaking, swimming, and even a coffee at sunrise. But what really calls us is how gorgeous the Island looks from our boat. You don’t need to head far for a good catch, as Kawau Island offers a trophy snapper or the odd kingy. You’re sure to head home with a full chilly bin. 




Source: Kawau Cruises


Great Barrier

The Hauraki Gulf has so many incredible spots, and Great Barrier Island is another highlight. It is as close to Fiji as us Kiwis can get, without heading over to our neighbouring tropical paradise. From the lush green wilderness, to the incredible coastal scenes, you can get off the grid and escape the hustle and bustle of your daily life. The west coast of the island is where you will find the harbours and wharves. Going by boat gives you the best possible opportunity to explore the bays and beaches, and give yourself a couple of days to really get into the Great Barrier life. 





Source: TravelAlphas.com


Marlborough Sounds

The Malborough Sounds cover one-fifth of New Zealand’s impressive coastline, this is home to the incredible scenes of all things coastal. This slice of heaven provides everyone with anything they need, and for us marine lovers, it provides an abundance of fishing and diving. Simply roam through the historic sites and marine reserves scattered around the winding coastline. In a secluded bay, your boat can be safe while you dive for crayfish, kina, or bring out the speargun! 





Source: NewZealand.com


Roberton Island

The Bay of Islands enters the chat again, recognised as a world-class fishing spot. We’re talking about Roberton Island, home of amazing fishing experiences no matter the season. Here you’ll find some top fish, from marlin, kingfish, hāpuku, and of course, snapper. If you’re in the mood for diving, it’s time to hunt around for some crayfish or scallops. Roberton Island even hosts muscles, oysters, and flounder. It’s time to get some mates together and get that chilly bin chockers! 

Source: Department of Conservation


It’s all looking pretty incredible to me… Time to check out listings on our site and see what boats to buy for Summer!

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